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Inspection Agreement

Greg Peterson Inspections, Inc. (GPI) agrees to perform an inspection for the Client and Property specified above, and to provide a detailed report of the inspection findings. The report will include specific information about the following systems: Exterior, Roof and Drainage, Structural Components, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning, Interior, Kitchen, Attic, Insulation, and Ventilation.

The inspection will not involve dismantling, disconnecting, or otherwise opening covers, panels or sealed compartments that require tools to open other than electric panels. The inspection is understood to be a visual observation of accessible components; latent and hidden defects are excluded. State, Federal, or local codes and regulations are normally addressed during construction by designated city or county officials. This inspection will not determine compliance of codes and regulations. 

The following items are not included in the inspection: any item or area that is considered unsafe to inspect by the inspector, swimming pools, security systems, private water and waste systems, central vacuum systems, sprinkler systems, insects and pests, seasonal equipment, environmental hazards (e.g. lead, radon, asbestos, molds), and atypical or unusual systems.


Unconditional Release and Limitations of Liability

It is understood and agreed that GPI is not an insurer and that there is no guarantee or warranty of any kind associated with the report or the inspection. The inspection is intended to represent an honest and thorough evaluation of the condition of all major systems and components to the extent that is within reasonable expectations for the conditions and time afforded. The Client hereby releases GPI and its inspectors from all liability, including: cost of repairing or replacing any unreported defect, deficiency, or abnormality; and for any resultant effect, failure, property damage, injury, or distress of any nature. In the event that GPI, or a GPI inspector, is/are found liable for any reason, then the liability of GPI and its inspectors shall be limited to the cost of the inspection report as specified at the top of this agreement.


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Home inspections in the Rome, Georgia area. Your home inspector is certified structure, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and property maintenance and housing by ICC. Member of American Society of Home inspectors, National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, and Independent Home Inspectors of North America.    All Home Inspection photographs and home inspection articles and related information on this website are the property of Greg Peterson Inspections, Inc.;  written permission is required prior to duplication or reproduction. Greg Peterson Home Inspections is the premier home inspector, building inspection, and real estate property inspection service in Rome, Ga. Professional, certified home inspectors trusted to conduct ethical home inspections. Your search for home inspection companies, home inspection company, home inspectors or home inspection services in Rome, Ga. will direct your browser to Greg Peterson Inspections, the premier home inspection service in Georgia. Note: This footnote is displayed solely to enhance the Greg Peterson home inspection website listing in the Google Search. If you have read this home inspection information you may wonder why the words home inspector, home inspection, home inspection company, or building inspector and building inspection company are mentioned so many times. That is because the Google search will display my home inspection page at a higher position if those words are mentioned a lot on my home page. Thanks,  Greg Peterson.

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