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Of all the defects I find, the most common, and the most destructive, is probably a wet or damp crawlspace.

There are several reasons why many homes suffer from this affliction. First, we live in a very damp part of the country, maybe not lately, but usually. Second, the crawlspace is not a fun place to visit and frankly, most of us really don't spend much time down in that dark, spider infested, mold encrusted wet pit. Third, there are numerous causes that can contribute to the problem. And fourth, most homeowners just don't realize that there is anything to really worry about in that seldom thought about area under the house - sort of that "out-of-sight-out-of-mind" mentality.

Not only is a wet crawlspace the most common problem we encounter, it is also the most damaging. We find that this one thing that homeowners neglect the most, typically results in the most aggravating and most expensive damage to the structure, and to the occupants.

Dampness under the wood floor structure of homes that are built on raised foundations can contribute to: Wet conditions which encourage mold, fungi and rot which will damage wood floor joists and girders to the point of failure; many molds will cause allergic reactions and occasionally serious illness; settlement can be accelerated; electric shock to those who venture in this area is many times more likely; termites and other unwanted pests are attracted to the moisture; wood flooring can warp and twist; and there is more. . .

If left unattended some of these things can become serious. I have recently begun to add some photos of defects found during my inspections and some of those associated with wet crawlspaces might make this point more clear. Click Here to take a look.

What are some things that can cause dampness in a crawlspace?

Some of the more common contributors to wet and damp crawlspaces include: cracks and holes in the block foundation wall, improper construction of below grade foundation walls where the basement or crawlspace is below the surrounding soil, poor grading which causes rain to flow toward the structure (negative grade), lack of rain gutters, lack of rain gutter extensions and leaders to carry the flow away from the building, no vapor barrier on the crawlspace floor, too porous of soil near the foundation, plumbing leaks, condensation, poor ventilation, high water table, poor lot location, and more. . .

How do I know if I have a problem?

The answer to this question is simple. If you have moisture in your crawlspace or basement, you have a problem. The extent of the problem depends on how much moisture, how often is the moisture there, and how close are the structural members of your home to the damp area.

What should I do about my wet or damp crawlspace?

There are many things that can usually be done to mitigate moisture in crawlspaces. Of course every case is different and each will have a unique cure. But it is safe to say that in every home where dampness is a problem, there are generally several things that can be done to help the situation. There is no one cure-all that is the miracle answer to every situation.

If your home has a crawlspace or basement, it is very likely you have some type of moisture problem, and if you're unsure about how to evaluate your situation, or if you need advise on this very prevalent home defect, please get in touch with me and I will be glad to discuss your individual situation with you. If you feel it necessary for your crawlspace to be inspected, I can do an abbreviated home inspection at a very reasonable fee.






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