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44.jpg (26557 bytes)

45.jpg (68648 bytes)

46.jpg (43844 bytes)

Unsafe wiring.

Badly bowed ridge.

Poor roof installation.

Pretty obvious.


47.jpg (40508 bytes)

48.jpg (41978 bytes)

49.jpg (41503 bytes)

50.jpg (37200 bytes)

Very poor wall support.

Incorrect framing.

Rotted/cracked framing.

Several problems.


51.jpg (44568 bytes)

52.jpg (28505 bytes)

53.jpg (48661 bytes)

54.jpg (36665 bytes)

Missing shim.

Dangerous outlet!

Missing nails in new roof.

Sewage foam.


55.JPG (82520 bytes)

56.JPG (92432 bytes)

57.JPG (83696 bytes)

58.JPG (111739 bytes)

Several problems.

Non-standard wiring.

Two unsafe conditions.



59.JPG (75455 bytes)

60.JPG (96517 bytes)

61.JPG (64205 bytes)

62.JPG (183264 bytes)

Leak at waste line.

Improper ground.


No condensate drain line!


64.JPG (254236 bytes)

65.JPG (522091 bytes)

66.JPG (379544 bytes)

67.JPG (314512 bytes)

Very strange mold.

The crop is ready.

Badly fogged glass.

Unprofessional and unsafe.

68.JPG (270386 bytes)

69.JPG (172473 bytes)

70.JPG (107624 bytes)

71.JPG (278475 bytes)

Incorrectly wired.

Homeowner at work.

Poorly done.

Wet subfloor.


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Home inspections in the Rome, Georgia area. Your home inspector is certified structure, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and property maintenance and housing by ICC. Member of American Society of Home inspectors, National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, and Independent Home Inspectors of North America.    All Home Inspection photographs and home inspection articles and related information on this website are the property of Greg Peterson Inspections, Inc.;  written permission is required prior to duplication or reproduction. Greg Peterson Home Inspections is the premier home inspector, building inspection, and real estate property inspection service in Rome, Ga. Professional, certified home inspectors trusted to conduct ethical home inspections. Your search for home inspection companies, home inspection company, home inspectors or home inspection services in Rome, Ga. will direct your browser to Greg Peterson Inspections, the premier home inspection service in Georgia. Note: This footnote is displayed solely to enhance the Greg Peterson home inspection website listing in the Google Search. If you have read this home inspection information you may wonder why the words home inspector, home inspection, home inspection company, or building inspector and building inspection company are mentioned so many times. That is because the Google search will display my home inspection page at a higher position if those words are mentioned a lot on my home page. Thanks,  Greg Peterson.

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