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72.JPG (324824 bytes)

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74.JPG (374288 bytes)

75.JPG (421873 bytes)

Several problems.

Badly buckled roof.

Rotted sill plate.

Condenser not level.


76.JPG (211660 bytes)

77.JPG (271139 bytes)

78.JPG (240932 bytes)

79.JPG (212422 bytes)

Badly kinked water line.

Missing condensate line.

Missing bracing.

Bowed living room ridge.


80.JPG (427324 bytes)

82.jpg (293047 bytes)

83.jpg (47129 bytes)

84.JPG (477561 bytes)

No footing!

Live snake!

Overnotched joist.

Missing/damaged shingle.


85.JPG (163158 bytes)

86.JPG (431618 bytes)

87.JPG (203936 bytes)

88.JPG (314512 bytes)

Ceiling Stain.

Wet subfloor and mold.

Two unsafe conditions.

Do you see them all?


90.JPG (272602 bytes)

91.JPG (321273 bytes)

92.JPG (389491 bytes)

93.JPG (319759 bytes)

Plumbing leak and rot.

Plumbing vent leak.

Retaining wall crack.

Pretty obvious.


94.JPG (406228 bytes)

95.JPG (173228 bytes)

96.JPG (344175 bytes)

97.JPG (351978 bytes)

Missing fasteners.


Girder rot.

Wet and moldy.


98.JPG (296184 bytes)

99.JPG (199087 bytes)

100.JPG (275436 bytes)

101.JPG (216566 bytes)

Termite eaten door jamb.

Incorrect girder wedge.

Also incorrect.

Dryer venting inside.


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