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Inspection Agreement

Greg Peterson Inspections, Inc. (GPI) agrees to perform an inspection for the Client and Property specified above, and to provide a detailed report of the inspection findings. The report will include specific information about the following systems: Exterior, Roof and Drainage, Structural Components, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning, Interior, Kitchen, Attic, Insulation, and Ventilation.

The inspection will not involve dismantling, disconnecting, or otherwise opening covers, panels or sealed compartments that require tools to open other than electric panels. The inspection is understood to be a visual observation of accessible components; latent and hidden defects are excluded. State, Federal, or local codes and regulations are normally addressed during construction by designated city or county officials. This inspection will not determine compliance of codes and regulations. 

The following items are not included in the inspection: any item or area that is considered unsafe to inspect by the inspector, swimming pools, security systems, private water and waste systems, central vacuum systems, sprinkler systems, insects and pests, seasonal equipment, environmental hazards (e.g. lead, radon, asbestos, molds), and atypical or unusual systems.


Unconditional Release and Limitations of Liability

It is understood and agreed that GPI is not an insurer and that there is no guarantee or warranty of any kind associated with the report or the inspection. The inspection is intended to represent an honest and thorough evaluation of the condition of all major systems and components to the extent that is within reasonable expectations for the conditions and time afforded. The Client hereby releases GPI and its inspectors from all liability, including: cost of repairing or replacing any unreported defect, deficiency, or abnormality; and for any resultant effect, failure, property damage, injury, or distress of any nature. In the event that GPI, or a GPI inspector, is/are found liable for any reason, then the liability of GPI and its inspectors shall be limited to the cost of the inspection report as specified at the top of this agreement.


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 Page 1                                              INSPECTION AGREEMENT                                    Revised  2-1-04



                 Sky:  Light rain                                                      Temperature: 50 Degrees                        





NOTE: Please read the Home Care and Repair section at the end of this report, specifically sections which pertain to concerns that were raised during your inspection. Most notations in the report deal with improper installation/construction techniques, performance issues, or incorrect material applications; the long-term effect of each notation should be understood clearly.  If you were not present at the inspection and these items where not discussed with you, it is strongly suggested that you contact the inspector for a detailed explanation. Some notations are provided for information purposes only, such as where a particular device is located, or that the item is of particularly good quality; in most instances the comments are provided to bring attention to an unfavorable condition.


Seventy-year-old home was found to be in very good structural condition. It has been well maintained and numerous upgrades have been nicely done. The original wood flooring is in good condition and the old plaster walls and ceilings are covered with sheetrock and neatly finished. Few minor/typical cracks were found in ceilings or walls. Normal unevenness to floors due to age and resulting effects, and original windows in typical or above average condition, but in need of paint where peeling and new glazing compound, and some windows stuck and inoperable. Major defects include: old and some unsafe wiring (see electrical), discarded asbestos covered ducting in crawlspace, some movement of foundation wall that could lead to structural problems, but appears sound at this time; this area should be closely monitored. Some plumbing leaks that add to dampness and odor in crawlspace and repair is advised. The heating and air conditioning system is near the end of typical life span estimates, an annual type inspection by a specialist is recommended and the issues in the report should be evaluated. The roof appears to be functioning well, and has approximately a quarter of useful life left. Plumbing leaks should be repaired as soon as possible.


Although there are a number of concerns identified in the following sections, it should be noted that many are included as items that should be monitored or considered for additional upgrades, and not necessarily noted to imply immediate attention. Most items are typical and expected for a home of this vintage. Many nice upgrades were found and the overall condition of the structure was found to be better than average for homes of similar ages in the area. Please consult your inspector for elaboration on any of the comments in this report.



 Page 3                                                        INSPECTIONS SUMMARY                               Revised 2-5-04   





NOTE: Keyed deadbolts can be unsafe during a fire; occupants may become trapped inside. If you have this type, keep a spare key within reach, or replace with the lever type of deadbolt.

What are weep holes?

The use of “Weep Holes” is considered an important feature of good brickwork. Weep Holes, and special flashing, are provided near the bottom course to allow any moisture build up behind the brick to drain away; the area between the wall and the brick is allowed to dry, and the chance of rot reduced.  If you are concerned because this report mentioned “No Weep Holes”, and about what this means, please discuss this issue with your inspector


Exterior Wall Covering

         Primary Material: Vinyl Siding

         Secondary Material: Brick Foundation Wall

         Condition: Typical or normal condition for age.

Exterior Trim (Soffit/Fascia/Eaves)

         Condition: Typical or normal condition for age.  Some trim is aluminum covered.

Exterior Doors

         Condition:  Typical or normal condition for age.

Exterior Windows

         Condition: Recommend scrape and paint where thin or peeling. Single pane windows. Storm windows provided. Some loose or cracked glazing compound; recommend remove old compound and re-apply.


         X   Not Attached          Door Operator    

               Attached                Not Applicable   

         Condition: Overhead romex to garage is low and unconventionally attached and strung. Appears to be hot spot at romex where connected to garage with tight bend. T1-11 siding is too close to the soil and may attract wood eating pests and encourage rot, but siding in good condition at this time. Some aluminum siding on backside of garage. Some waviness to walls. Garage appears to have originally been a post and beam type structure (carport) in earlier days and was later framed and enclosed; some unorthodox framing and resulting bowing/uneven walls and roof. The roof framing is also atypical and does not have normal rafter tie connections, which likely attributes to the uneven roof/ridge, however no major structural concerns at this time. Large built-on-site truss has considerable bow. Fuse panel in garage does not have floating neutral normally required in electrical subpanels and fuses are oversized for the circuit wiring, which could result in overheating and poses a potential fire hazard. Garage is filled with personal belongings and the inspection was restricted somewhat.



Page 3                                                                   Exterior                                                     Revised 2-5-04





              Attached         Not Attached       X   Not Applicable   

         Condition: N/A


         Front:      Type: Concrete

                        Railings: Minor/typical cracks in brick railing.

                        Condition:  Normal or typical for age of structure. Overall good condition, porch light mounted loosely.


         Back:      Type: N/A



Balcony or Deck

         Type: N/A



Stoops and Steps    

         Railings: Hand and Guard rails installed. Recommend outside handrail at back steps.

         Condition: Normal or typical for age of structure. Some missing mortar between bricks at front steps.

Areaways and Window Wells



         No adverse affect at this time. Recommend trimming shrubs and trees away from house.


         Type: Concrete               

         Condition: Normal or typical for age of structure.  Asphalt apron with considerable cracking/spalling, however functional at this time.


         Type: N/A




Page 4                                                                EXTERIOR                                                        Revised 2-5-04




         Type: Concrete

         Condition: Normal or typical for age of structure.  

Retaining Wall

         Type: Stone.

         Condition: Typical/normal condition for age and location. Stone retaining wall is leaning slightly with a few stones slanting outward that appear loose. This small retaining wall is not constructed according to current standards, but is functioning well, however it may need maintenance in the future

Exterior Comments:  Recommend removing shingles that are placed on the soil against the foundation wall on the north side; this to allow soil to dry.























Page 5                                                                EXTERIOR                                                        Revised 2-5-04




         Type: Gable

         Method of Observation: Walked the roof surface.

         Roof Material: 20-year type composition shingle.

         Wear/Age: Approximately 10 to 15 year wear age.

         Condition:  Nail poking through shingle near front porch. Shingles tightly adhered and hard to inspect nailing. Some unevenness to the roof, but feels solid.


         Material  Rubber membrane, aluminum and galvanized. 

         Condition: Recommend caulking over exposed nail heads at flashings.


         Condition: N/A

Roof Leaks  

         Comments:  None observed.


              Appears Intact         Wash Cap      X  Rain Cap         Correct # of Flues         Spark Arrestor

           X  Spark Arrestor          Not applicable-no chimney

         Type:  Masonary

         Condition: Heaving coating of roof tar on chimney flashing, recommend monitoring this area. Considerable cracks in tar coating on side of the chimney, recommend recoat and monitor.

Roof Drainage

         Gutter Material: Aluminum with leaf guards.

         Condition:  Recommend trimming tree branches away from roof surface.

         Grade/Drainage: Good overall grade and drainage.

Roof System Comments: Recommend connecting the downspout to drainage system on N. side of house. Recommend cleaning leaf guards. Recommend coat flashing nail heads with roof tar, and drive nails fully where they are raised. 







Page 6                                                                          ROOF                                                     Revised  2-5-04



NOTE: In Georgia, the seller typically provides a termite report. We recommend a careful review of that report; ensure that answers are provided to any issues noted in your home inspection.

NOTE: Please read the Crawlspace and Mold sections of the Care and Repair manual in the back of this report if dampness was reported by your inspection.


Building Features

         Type of Building: Single Family Dwelling.

         Construction Type: Wood Frame

         Foundation: Brick foundation.

         Floor: Wood

         Walls: Wood

         Foundation Piers:  Brick piers with some added steel supports.

         Beams/Girders: Wood.


         Type: In ground.

         Walls: Exposed. Some brick pulling away from foundation piers, does not appear to compromise structural integrity.

         Ceiling: Exposed.

         Floor: Dirt.

         Access: Accessible by one doorway.

         Condition: Some dampness and some mold. Recommend light over stairway to basement. Some older knob and tube wiring is still in use (this old type of electrical wiring is generally not recommended for used and should be replaced with new wiring. Considerable indication of non-standard wiring with wires not well supported in placed and splices/connections not properly enclosed in junction boxes, romex run through foundation wall without protective sleeve. Some dampness due to small plumbing leaks, one under north bathroom at cold water supply elbow, and one at waste line near cleanout, one at ABS trap below hall shower. ABS waste line connection to iron waste pipe is open/not sealed and may expel waste if line backs up, and will likely emit noxious sewer gas into crawlspace.



         Inspection method: Crawled.

         Floor: Dirt floor with no vapor barrier. Recommend complete coverage with vapor barrier.

         Moisture Comments: Mostly dry with some dampness.

         Rot: None observed.


Page 7                                            STRUCTURE AND BASEMENT                     Revised 2-5-04



         Pests: (observations only, pest inspection not performed): Recommend termite specialist evaluate, but no indication of termite activity observed.


         Plumbing Comments: Some newly installed pvc could be supported better. Older drum type trap is no longer accepted practice. Leaking sewer line near clean out could be contributing to odor.

         Electrical Comments: Some wire connections not in junction boxes. Evidence of non-standard wiring.

         Insulation: Air return ducting not insulated.

Comments: Wood supports added under front porch are a good idea, but not well installed; recommend considering more professional support arrangement; There does not appear to be a structural problem at this time and monitoring this area is suggested. There is some displacement to the south brick foundation wall that is below grade; this appears due to external forces from water and soil over many years. Early construction methods at the time account for this. This movement should be monitored closely and if addition cracks or movement are observed, a structural specialist should be consulted. Some supports have been added to the flooring, which are helping to strengthen the floor system One brick pier is not well centered under the girder to which it supports but no detrimental effects are evident. Some very old wiring exists with ceramic mounting, which is functioning but generally upgraded wiring is recommended due to age. Please see comments in electrical section. The wood floor framing is straight grain, full dimension lumber common for the era, and although current standards may not be met, the flooring joists and girders are sound and well installed. Some unevenness to the flooring is typical and expected for the age of the structure.















Page 8                                            STRUCTURE AND BASEMENT                     Revised 2-5-04



Inspection Method

         Walked or crawled attic areas.    

Moisture or Water Stains

         Condition: No evidence of moisture problems observed.


         Condition: Some non-standard wiring.


         Type: Loose fill, glass.

         Condition: Old insulation is matted, recommend ugrading. 1-6 inches of insulation

         Recommendation: Recommend increasing to R-30 value.             

Vapor Retarder

            Condition: Not applicable.             


            Method: No soffit venting provided. Gable end vents, 2 turbine vents.

Recommendation: Recommend remove floor fan that is attached to gable end vent and replace with the proper type. Whole house fan not tested due to request by owner, but owner states that it is functional.


Support Structure: Some purlin bracing missing and some bowing to older rafter from age, and some resulting unevenness to the roof surface.

Sheathing: Plank ATTIC COMMENTS: Recommend upgrade insulation to R-30. Recommend repair wobbly stairs. Stairs have loose or damaged hinges/brackets and are not cut correctly to ensure solid support. Some non-standard wiring in attic












Page 9                       aTTIC INSULATION AND VENTILLATION               Revised 2-5-04



NOTE: Any plumbing leak is a defect that should be addressed as soon as possible; water supply to distribution system leaks should be isolated until the leak has been fixed.

NOTE: Water heater relief TPR (Temperature, Pressure, and Relief) valve is an important safety item and must be installed properly. Reduced relief piping size is an unsafe condition and should be repaired. A missing or malfunctioning TPR valve is cause to isolate the water heater from its energy source until repairs are made.

NOTE: Private well, septic systems, and water purification systems are not included in our inspections.


Water Supply

         Pressure: Approximately 78 psi

         Water shut-off valve location: In water main meter box at street.             

         Water supply piping: Not visible, could not determine. PVC enters the basement area on the south side and appears unprofessionally installed but functional.

         Condition: functional Water pressure should not be above 80 psi. 78 psi is slightly high and may stress fixtures but provides strong flow from fixtures. Pressure could be reduced at pressure regulator in meter box at street.

Water Distribution

         Distribution piping: PVC, Copper, and Galvanized.

         Water flow: Functional water flow observed.

         Pipe supports: Some piping not well supported in crawlspace, but no related problems observed.

         Condition: No unusual deficiencies observed. Small leak  in crawlspace, see crawlspace section.

Drain/Waste/Vent System

         Piping Material: Cast iron, PVC, and Galvanized.

         Condition: Some minor leaks under sink(s). See crawlspace section. Drum trap (pic 46) is no longer accepted by most plumbing codes.     

System Components

         Sump Pump(s): Not applicable.   

         Floor Drain(s): Not applicable.      

         Exterior Faucets (hose bibs): Functional

         Water Heater: 

            Age: 1998       

            Type:  Natural Gas

            Capacity: 40 gallon

            Condition: Recommend add pipe to TPR (temperature and pressure) relief valve, some very miner leak at plumbing connections at top of heater.


Page 10                                                                  PLUMBING                                          Revised 2-5-04



Plumbing Comments: Exhaust flue lying directly on duct insulation, monitor for signs of overheating around insulation. Some minor leakage at water heater connections. Small drip below N. bath at cold water elbow. Small drip at trap below hall shower. and small leak at sewer waste line near cleanout. (NOTE: there is an additional cleanout in driveway near steps to porch, and concrete may make it difficult to remove plug.)         





























Page 11                                                                 PLUMBING                                            Revised 2-5-04

PLUMBING (Bathrooms)


Bathroom 1

         Location: Bathroom 1 North side.           

         Fixture Testing: Tested    

         Sink Fixture Condition: Functional                     

         Tub Fixture Condition: Functional. Low flow at tub faucet. Hot and cold lines reversed        

         Shower Fixtures: No shower, tub only.

         Room Ventilation: Not installed. Window opens.

         Electrical: GFI not installed, recommend adding GFI outlet. 3 prong outlet will not accept 3 prong plug due to fixture style.

         Toilet:      Functional Toilet is mounted loosely, recommend tightening.

         Drains: No abnormal drainage observed.

General Condition: Functional. Tile floor in good condition.




Bathroom 2

         Location: Bathroom 2 East side   

         Fixture Testing: Tested    

         Sink Fixture Condition: Functional         

         Tub Fixture Condition: N/A        

         Shower Fixtures: Functional

         Room Ventilation: Functional

         Electrical: GFI not installed, recommend adding GFI outlet. Ungrounded outlet.

         Toilet:      Functional             

         Drains: No abnormal drainage observed.             

General Condition: Functional                                       






Page 12                                                                PLUMBING                                           Revised 2-5-04




NOTE: Keyed deadbolts can be unsafe during a fire; occupants have been known to become trapped inside. If you have this type, keep a spare key within reach, or replace with the lever type of deadbolt.

NOTE: Windows, which are locked closed or are stuck from non-use or new paint can be unsafe if needed for emergency escape. We recommend ensuring all windows open and close freely.



         Material: Sheetrock over plaster. Some walls are original plaster. ( kitchen, closets)

         Comments: Typical small settling cracks in drywall. Older plaster is nicely covered with sheetrock and few settling type cracks observed.


         Type: Concealed with carpet and vinyl. Hardwood . Owner states heart pine on back porch.

         Comments: No abnormal conditions observed. Some unevenness in floor.


         Comments: Not applicable.


               Flue Liner        Damper         Metal Pre-Fab        Wood Stove        Clean Before Use

              No fireplace – not applicable.

         Condition: Gas logs. Flue has been sealed off. Logs appear to be vented type and if so, should be replaced with ventless logs. Recommend adding CO monitor if logs are frequently in use. Owner states the logs are functional and were not lit.                          


         Condition: Doors in typical/expected condition for age.             


         Type: Single pane.

         Condition: Generally, in typical/normal condition for age. Some are stuck in closed position from paint. Recommend new paint where thin or peeling.             

Interior Comments: Whole house fan was not tested. N.E. bedroom ceiling has crack like defect that appears to be from uneven sheetrock finish during installation (undetermined).








Page 13                                                                  INTERIOR                                             Revised 2-5-04




NOTE: Appliance inspections are limited in nature; not all features are checked or inspected. Each appliance is checked for basic functionality (i.e. range elements heat, range hood fan operates, etc.)


Counters and Cabinets

         Condition: Securely fastened in place. 


         Condition: No GFI circuit breakers over countertop. Recommend add GFI's over countertops. Two prong outlets over countertop are ungrounded.


         X  Frost Free   X   Ice Maker       Refrigerator Not Included

         Condition: Functional. Ice maker not connected.

Cooking Appliances

         Cooktop: Electric

         Oven: Electric

         Exhaust Fan: Ductless

         Condition: Fan is noisy.

         Other appliances:

               Microwave: Functional.                   

               Dishwasher: Functional                    

               Garbage Disposal: Not included.

Floor Covering

         Type: Vinyl.

         Condition: Floor covering in good condition for age.

Kitchen Comments: Back kitchen door does not close flush.










Page 14                                                                  KITCHEN                                             Revised 2-5-04



NOTE: Any receptacle that is found to be faulty (i.e. hot and neutral reversed, no power available, short present, etc.) should be evaluated/repaired by a specialist. Do not attempt electrical repairs unless you have been trained and are sure of your abilities.


Service Entrance Cable

         Configuration: Overhead

         Material: Aluminum

         Amp Rating: 150 Amp

         Volt Rating: 120/240 Volt

         Condition: No unusual conditions observed.


Load Centers (Lighting Panels/Circuit Breaker Panels)

         Main Panel:

                        Location: In basement

                        Panel Rating: 150 Amp.

                        Performance: Functional             

                        Main Disconnect Location: Fuse in panel.

                        Disconnect Rating: Undetermined.

                        Protection Method: Fuses, grounded system. Some outlets ungrounded.

         Comments: Double tapped circuit in panel. Some 25 and 30 amp fuses in panel are oversized for size of wire. This condition should be corrected soon as overheating can occur.


                        Location: Garage

                        Rating: Undetermined   

                        Protection Method: Fuses, grounded system.    

         Comments: Floating neutral in subpanel, ask inspector. Fuses are oversized for wire size and should be replaced with 20 Amp. Floating neutral is required for subpanels; recommend electrical specialist address these issues.






Page 15                                                             ELECTRICAL                                           Revised 2-5-04




Branch Circuits and Conductors

         Wiring Type: Romex and BX.  Some individual conductors supported by insulators.

         Wire Material: Copper  

         Performance: Functional. Recommend old, original wiring be upgraded.       



Receptacles/Switches/Fixtures/Junction Boxes

           X   Representative number of receptacles, switches, fixtures and junction boxes tested.

               CO detector installed. (CO testing is not included in this inspection).

               Smoke detectors tested


         Ground Fault Interrupters: Recommend install GFI at typical locations.             

         Receptacles: Ungrounded outlet(s), see comments. Some ungrounded receptacles with 3 prong hardware should be GFI protected. Some two wire, ungrounded outlets from original wiring. Recommend replace two prong outlets with three prong and GFI protection.


Electrical Comments:  Please read the Electrical section of the Home Care and Repair manual at the end of this report. Recommend Electrician address noted issues. Recommend install GFI's in typical locations. Electrical grounding clamp on original water pipe ? may be insufficient (an electrical test can determine, but recommend new grounding electrode be installed and new grounding conductors placed according to current standards.












Page 16                                                            ELECTRICAL                                           Revised 2-5-04




Unit #1

Energy Source

         Type: Natural Gas

         Shut Off Location: Circuit breaker in the main panel.

Equipment Type

         Furnace: Forced Air

         Capacity: Undetermined. Could not see data plate.

         Age: More than 20 years. 1979 approx.

         Heat Exchanger: Partially observed. Some rust in compartment. Flame/burner appear well adjusted.

         Distribution Type: Duct Work

         Air Filters: Disposable.Washable. Filter on inside of unit hard to access.

         Condition: Clean, recommend occasional cleaning/changing.

         Heating efficiency: Varies at different registers, although generally above 20 degrees (good).                     

Comments: Recommend annual type inspection (age & condition) Long section of horizontal flue appears to exceed general standards, and is resting directly on duct insulation (recommend ask specialist for evaluation/recommendation). Recommend more solid support bracket for gas flue on exterior. Standard duct tape used extensively to seal ducts, insulation, and openings around furnace is wrong application for type of tape (special tape for this purpose should be used). Old duct work covered with asbestos insulation can be unsafe, particularly if disturbed; recommend removing using proper precautions .












Page 17                                             cENTRAL HEATING                                 Revised 2-5-04




NOTE: Testing air conditioning units when outside air temperatures have been below 65 degrees F during the last 24 hours may cause damage to equipment. To avoid subjecting the air conditioning unit to damage, testing will not be performed if low temperature conditions are suspected.


Unit #1


         Type: Condenser (Electric)

         Capacity: 3 Ton

         Age: More than 20 years.

         Distribution: Duct Work

         Testing: Not tested due to low temperature conditions.

         Cooling efficiency: Not tested.  

Comments: Did not test in cooling mode, see note at top. Three ton, Magic Chef, S/N A 37361B9C. No disconnect at unit. Recommend annual type service check/inspection due to age of unit and not having been tested at this time.


















Page 18                                                                         AIR CONDITIONING                                  Revised 2-5-04